It all started in 2005…

It all started in 2005 when wellness (in all it’s many forms*) began changing my life for the better and I got the chance to start working with the studio owners behind the scenes with MINDBODY. I felt that the world would be so much better if everyone had a studio to call home. We have so much to learn from each other and the work we are doing in the wellness world is so critical. Yet, it’s exhausting work, unrelenting, and constantly changing. There is no MBA program for studio owners (if you’ve found one, do let us know). It’s so easy to feel alone in your efforts. With Liberate we hope to bridge some of these gaps, help you focus on the work that will produce results, and be your business partner in crime.

Work 1:1 with Roxy & our team for a more personalized approach to implementing proven growth strategies in your business to help create your optimal business and life. We have been helping yoga, fitness, and wellness businesses grow in the wellness industry since 2005. We love helping service based studios who offer classes, appointments, and events. We started Liberate Your Biz Consulting in 2011 in an effort to create a tribe of like minded business leaders who work together to share what works in a simple and straightforward way, holding each other accountable each step of the way.

Our 1:1 consulting sessions and educational resources are for business leaders looking to grow, systematize, and thrive. We are passionate about being data and value driven, focused, and candid with our clients. We aim to be the business partner that Roxy so desperately needed while running her studio solo for 5 years on a shoestring budget.

Learn my favorite tips and tricks for optimizing referrals and word of mouth, one of the most powerful, yet underutilized marketing strategies for service based businesses.

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Many businesses benefit by working together for 1-4 sessions on any of the following topics: Better understand where your business is today and how it compares to others in the industry with reporting and KPIs; Improve Retention with focused and strategic Pricing and Sales Processes; Optimize the amount of new customers you bring in with Marketing: Online, Guerilla, Social, and Planning; Get organized surrounding Cash Flow, Budgeting and minimize your Payroll costs; Focus on Operations, Staff Management, and Training to help your business run more smoothly so you can do more of what you love doing in the business. Bring your priorities or laundry list or let us drive our sessions. Book your first session below to get started today!


Our history

Our 1:1 Consulting program is inspired by our Founder, Roxy’s experience working with wellness businesses since 2005 in her work with MINDBODY and owning and operating her own studio for 5 years. She helped (co-) create highly successful education programs for the wellness industry including the highly successful MINDBODY University (MBU) and the MINDBODY Consultant Certification Programs for Business & Software Consultants. She recently owned and operated a medium sized boutique studio in San Luis Obispo, CA called Smiling Dog Yoga for 5 years and has operated Liberate Your Biz Consulting since 2011. Her work has helped wellness businesses grow 30-50%, including her own!

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Additional Options

Roxy is also available for webinars, in person training, and content creation for individual studios, franchises and organizations trying to expand. Contact us using the info at the bottom of this website or book at “Discovery” session to discuss your project and get a quote.

*Additional payment options available upon request

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