KPI Spreadsheet

Download a sample, blank KPI spreadsheet to help get you inspired for growing and evolving your business. This spreadsheet is my love child and has been continually improved upon for many years. It has the following worksheets: KPIs, Budget, Operation Expenses, AutoPay Pricing, Pricing Worksheet, Retention Targets, Retention Strategies, Marketing Targets, Marketing Strategies Calendar, Marketing Strategies Details, and Retention Reports. It was originally designed for use with the MINDBODY software system, but could be modified for others.

The State of the Wellness Industry is booming, and isn't expected to slow down any time soon. Watch as MINDBODY Consultant Roxy Borger and Amaya Weddle, Director of Research and Insights, shared current industry trends and exciting growth to come live from the 2018 BOLD conference in San Diego, California.

Budget Template

An editable excel budget with multiple pages and formuals for tracking and projecting Annual & Monthly Revenue, Operating Expenses, and Variable Expenses.

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Business Plan Template

Get a free Business Plan Template to help you organize your vision and thoughts for your studio. Keep your eye on the prize!


Live Edit

Live Edit is your one stop shop for digital marketing. Their websites look professional and incorporate many best business practices from an MBU perspective. Their content management system allows you to have control over updates to your website with over 20 drag and drop buttons to easily incorporate data from your live MINDBODY site. Their newsletters, mobile features, and text features are unique and so powerful for small wellness businesses. They were able to give me the website I dreamed of after one short phone call. I can’t believe I waited so long to improve my website. They have options as low as $19/mo and up to $199/mo.


iKizmet provides a visual business intelligence system designed specifically for fitness and wellness businesses based on the MBU KPI sheet. Their visual platform automates KPI reporting and eliminates the process of generating, gathering, and assembling reports from MINDBODY so you can access key performance data at anytime, helping you to gain important insight about your business..

Prestige Business sales

Prestige Business Sales, Mergers & Acquisitions is a great business resource for those looking to possibly buy or sell a wellness business.  Mr. Bayus is the President and Managing Director of Prestige and helped me (Roxy) feel comfortable buying my yoga studio in 2011, selling it in 2016, and has since advised many Liberate Your Biz clients.  He offers one-on-one advice, business evaluation services, and more.  As an advisor to owners of privately held companies, institutional and private investors, his business dealings primarily focus on business sales, acquisitions and mergers.   Gary is a seasoned and accomplished dealmaker who understands the process, the market place, the needs of sellers, and the goals of buyers.


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