Liberate Your Biz Consulting aims to help wellness businesses thrive




Join us at an upcoming event to network and get inspired by like minded people and hear about current trends and opportunities .



Work 1:1 with our team to stay on task, get your questions addressed, and be held accountable each step of the way.



Our online learning resources are a great opportunity for you to get organized and inspired on everything your business needs.

Sometimes learning in person is just what you need


Join us at an upcoming event to get inspired and renewed in ways you didn’t realize you needed. From Roxy: As the sole owner and operator of my studio on a shoestring budget, I often felt very alone and like I had to be the one to do everything. On top of being positive and agile in responding to the ever changing market I existed in. In hindsight, I realize that I had a hard time staying motivated and inspired - even as an eternal optimist, life long overachiever, and regular MBU speaker. Sometimes stepping away from your bubble is the best thing you can do to help you get perspective and see where your next success story begins.



A Personalized and Customized Approach


Work with us one-on-one to address your challenges and implement change that has helped other wellness businesses grow 20-40% since 2006. We are here to help hold you accountable, address your questions and concerns, and help you focus most on what’s most important and effective to help your business thrive long term. We can work together to create a plan that is personalized and unique to your business while at the same time learning from the mistakes and lessons of the thousands of businesses we’ve worked with.


meeting one on one

Online resources to make your life easier


It is our my mission to share everything we’ve ever learned about the wellness industry - as owners, educators, and former MINDBODYians - since 2005, in an easy to digest, online format. You’ll find operational documentation that made hiring and staff management a breeze, checklists, and video education courses to help you learn and grow your business from the comfort of home.