Push Notifications For The Win

This is one of my favorite examples of how to get the most of push notifications from Robert Faldon, owner of Fitxcore a Strength and Conditioning business located in Torquay, Australia and attendee of MINDBODY University Sydney this past week.

Robert and his team wanted to add a new service offering, infrared sauna, to their business and the cost of the equipment was a bit prohibitive. They did some math and made a goal for preselling packages for the sauna in advance of purchasing the equipment. If they could do enough presales to cover the cost of the sauna, they would buy the sauna.  Their very first step, which was key, was to create some educational content about the benefits of the sauna to inspire their community a week or so in advance of the planned presale. Sharing helpful educational content is such an important way for us to serve our tribes. Then they offered the presale packages via push notifications on their app (the MINDBODY Branded App to be specific) available for purchase for just 24 hours. They sold enough packages through the push notification to cover the cost of the sauna.

Isn’t that just beautiful?! This is a great example of getting creative in finding the resources to try new things and evolve your business. It doesn’t always have to be more cash expenditure.

Share your experience with push notifications below!

Fitxcore focuses on mobility as well as strength and conditioning

Fitxcore focuses on mobility as well as strength and conditioning