Push Notifications For The Win

Fitxcore focuses on mobility as well as strength and conditioning

Fitxcore focuses on mobility as well as strength and conditioning

I’m super excited to share this marketing win idea as shared with me at a recent event for wellness businesses. This is one of my favorite examples of how to get the most of technology to help grow your business. Many thanks to Robert Faldon, owner of Fitxcore a Strength and Conditioning business located in Torquay, Australia and attendee of MINDBODY University Sydney this past week, who shared this story.

Robert and his team wanted to add a new service offering, infrared sauna, to their business and the cost of the equipment was a bit prohibitive. They did some math and made a goal for preselling packages for the sauna in advance of purchasing the equipment. If they could do enough presales to cover the cost of the sauna, they would buy the sauna.  Sounds win-win right? If they can get their existing customers to cover the cost of the new equipment, the studio gets a new alternate revenue stream to help with their bottom line. The customers get to try a great new service at a deal that they’ll never get otherwise. The customers might also like the idea of being “founding fathers” of this program.

The very first step in moving towards offering this new program, which was key, was to create educational content about the benefits of the new service to inspire their community. They published the content a week or so in advance of the planned presale. Next, Fixcore offered the presale packages via push notifications on their studios app (the MINDBODY Branded App to be specific) available for purchase for just 24 hours (a little urgency never hurts with marketing). They sold enough packages through the push notification to cover the cost of the sauna. Now they had a piece of equipment that they put in a part of their space that was unused anyway, that could earn them additional revenue but had little additional cost associated with operating the service.

What I love most about this is that the studio brought in additional revenue, without too much effort, or up front / cash investment on their part. It’s very easy as a studio owner to think, “I can’t do that, I don’t have enough money” and Robert proves to us that growing and expanding isn’t always about the money you have up front to invest. Sometimes it’s just appropriate investment of time and energy. Most studio owners I cross paths with could use additional revenue streams.

This also points to how important it is to have a content strategy as part of your marketing plan. The success here was based on the fact that Robert took the time to research the benefits of infrared sauna and tell his customers how this might help them reach their health goals in advance of offering a promotion surrounding it. Good content can motivate, educate, and inspire, and you must do it constantly, in a variety of ways. It builds trust, image, brand, and collective understanding. What kids of content are you sharing with your tribe? Are you consistent with it?

Isn’t this just a beautiful story?! This is a great example of getting creative in finding the resources to try new things and evolving your business.

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